The Secrets of Swiss Lifestyle for Beautiful Skin

Posted on Thu, 01 Sep 2016 1

Whenever we think about Switzerland, we conjure up images of majestic mountains, crisp Alpine air, sparkling, fresh water and rosy cheeked Swiss milkmaids running through the fields of edelweiss. 

We also recognized that the Swiss have long been known for their beautiful, youthful immaculate skin. Switzerland’s strong reputation globally has influenced the beauty conscious consumer to have confidence in the natural components of Swiss beauty care lines available worldwide. Therefore, it should be of no surprise that they are ranked number one in the world for skincare.

Many various Swiss skincare brands have made their way into the U.S. and global markets. Not only are these products extremely popular, they are unparalleled in safety, quality and value.


Switzerland has a reputation for high-quality and efficient healthcare that meets the demands of their population. The Swiss enjoy a calmer existence than other places in the world with communities of smaller shops, like the local butcher, baker and shoe-mender. The standard of education in Switzerland is high, but the Swiss are reserved like the British, so social networking is most important, especially learning the language.

The Swiss are famous for their chocolate, which can be found literally everywhere you shop. The crime rate is low and income is high, making Switzerland a very affluent and safe place to live. The country’s beauty is unsurpassed with majestic waterfalls and glacier-fed creeks. There are an abundance of fresh water rivers and lakes with lush pastures and breathtaking mountain vistas.

The Swiss lifestyle motivates their people to participate in a variety of outdoor sports like hiking and cycling. They enjoy water-sports, and when weather permits, skiing and snowboarding. Switzerland has almost a dual climate where it often snows in winter up north, but almost sub-tropical in the south with palm trees and plenty of sunshine.  The Swiss are a cautious and protective people, both about their country and their environment. At its core, Switzerland promotes harmony and peace.


The Swiss seem to be ahead of most other companies in the world because many Swiss companies have been researching the subject of skincare for years. They have the studies, knowledge and understanding of the skin and how it works. They have the expertise to manufacture some of the most advanced skincare products that deliver remarkable results both at home and abroad.

Switzerland is unique, both in its history and relaxed lifestyle, where nature’s beauty, rich with an abundance of natural resources are all around them. This environment and their expertise in the skincare industry help to foster creating products that contribute to constant energy care. Many of their skincare products are based on botanical principles with extensive product lines being created by leading bio chemists, biologists and herbalists, who have worked to develop inner and outer health with their superior beauty collections. Many of their researchers have professional backgrounds in naturopathic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Their philosophy stems from the fact that the skin is the largest organ in the body and anything applied to it affects it on a cellular level.

The Swiss have much to offer the world as an example of being a top-notch society with a deep-rooted soul, and formidable experience in the skincare industry that is second to none.



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