The Beauty Secrets of Ancient Egypt

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It’s no secret that Egypt’s ancient civilization has always fascinated the Western world.  Hollywood has made countless films about ancient Egypt, museums have ancient Egyptian exhibits as staples in their displays, and the aesthetics of ancient Egyptian scrolls, carvings, and hieroglyphics have affected the way we see art, style, and fashion in many aspects of our lives. 

What people often do not know is what lengths people who lived in Egypt’s ancient civilization went to be as beautiful and aesthetically interesting as the world today remembers them.  Here are some of the best ancient Egyptian beauty secrets we have gathered from this iconic civilization.

Red Ochre

Ochre is a pigment that comes naturally from the earth and is most often made up of the mineral hematite.  It is a non-toxic and naturally occurring iron mineral ground into a fine red powder that ancient Egyptian peoples would mix with water or animal fat to tint their lips and cheeks – a blush and lipstick all in one.


Kohl is still sold and used today as eyeliner, though the ingredients for making it have adapted over time.  Kohl is a dramatically dark black paste moulded into narrow cones for lining and shadowing eyes.  In some parts of the ancient world, kohl was made with traces of lead, but ancient Egyptian men and women made kohl by grinding up stibnite instead.  Stibnite is a metal that turns black the longer it is exposed to oxygen, so it made for a perfect non-toxic alternative to lead. 

Ancient Egyptians believed that (in addition to make them look attractive) kohl helped protect the eyes from diseases and cut down on the glare from the sun.  Kohl is great for a strong, bold look, and many people in South Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and parts of West Africa still use it today.

Many people associate cosmetics as being removed from the natural world and so heavily processed that there are no parts of them that could be recreated through simpler means.  The original cosmetics were based on materials that were found in nature. Ancient Egyptians had the knowledge and skill to create and put the best natural cosmetics to use, and that is a practice that goes into all Bella Aura skincare products.



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