The Art of Emulsion- Why Water Works in Skincare.

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The Art of Emulsion- Why Water Works in Skincare.

There is a lot of talk about water in skincare out there right now and we just want to dispel some of the myths. This of course depends on formulation of a product and some just don’t measure up. Saying that water is drying to the skin without considering other key ingredients in a product just won’t add up. An emulsion truly is an art form and our team doesn’t take this lightly.

What is an Emulsion?

In the beauty industry oils and serums have been the trend and there is nothing wrong with that. We have taken things one step further at Bella Aura because emulsions have proven themselves time and again to be effective in skincare. Our formulation is light weight and creamy without the heaviness of a cream or texture of the oils.

When you mix two liquids together that  don’t usually mix well, you have an emulsion. In the right formulation they get along quite well together. The liquids exist as droplets dispersed into each other.

You may be thinking how do oil and water mix? That is where an emulsifier comes in.

What is an Emulsifier?

An emulsifier helps to connect the ingredients together to avoid separation and assist the ingredients to stay together for a good shelf life. To give you a bit of a visual these molecules attach themselves to the water and the other encompasses the oil molecule to connect them together. Once this is done it protects the molecules from connecting back with their like kind so that there is no separation of ingredients.

Our unique formula is a serum in a cream emulsion designed to boost the microcirculation in the skin and prop up the metabolism with the most powerful Swiss bio-actives and antioxidants. It delivers a hi-tech, brightening solution for all skin types and tones. The concentrated formula is a complete approach to revitalize and energize skin cells and provide the energy needed. It penetrates deeply into the epidermis and nourishes the skin at the targeted cell level.

You can see that the making of an emulsion is truly an art form.

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