Taking Care of Your Eyes

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For most people, the eyes are where signs of age or poor health are most apparent. Whether it’s just laugh lines or the puffiness that comes from not sleeping or a glass of wine too many, your eyes do not lie. The skin around your eyes is notoriously fragile and delicate, so it is important to monitor the transformations that take place there and adjust your skin care regimen accordingly.

Signs of Damage

·         Dry Skin

·         Skin that appears translucent

·         Dark circles under the eyes

·         Puffiness

Of course, sleep and water (a lot of water) are going to help with all these problems. If these symptoms are reoccurring, you may want to consider changing your diet or lifestyle.


Cutting back on coffee, sugar, and alcohol can make a huge difference to your eye health. You may also have untreated allergies that are preventing you from getting enough nutrition. Dehydration and poor nutrition will cause instant skin aging.


Not enough sleep, or light sleeping, can cause signs of damage around your eyes. Stress is also a factor. If you are under a lot of stress, you may find that your eyes are looking red or puffy or that you have dark circles more frequently than normal.   

In addition to self-care, there are skin care lotions and serums that can assist you. Choose the right skincare products to help maintain your eye skin’s health in a natural and effective way. Our serums have been specially engineered to boost the health of the delicate skin around your eyes.

Our Instant Lifting Eye Contour

Our instant lifting eye contour is designed for eyes that are showing signs of age-related damage. This product’s nutrient-rich content will significantly reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, crow's feet, dryness and uneven texture around your eyes. Even if you are too young to be showing signs of lines or crow’s feet, this serum can help you rejuvenate your eye skin.

Daily Moisture Repair Emulsion

Our daily moisture repair emulsion is specially formulated to hydrate your skin. Apply extra around the eyes to reduce puffiness or dry skin. This is a great way to fight dehydration from the outside in. (But you still have to drink water!)

With care and tenderness, your eyes will regain their youthful and nourished look. Remember to always use high quality and natural products around your eyes. Toxins can quickly enter your eyes and affect your delicate eye skin, so choosing high-quality natural products is essential for this area of the body. 



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