New Skincare Trends: Multifunctional Skin Care

Posted on Thu, 10 Mar 2016 0

We all have very different skin types, different skin colours, and different priorities when it comes to taking care of our skin. Over time, many products have adapted to fix specific issues and concerns with skin care – but can often lead to other side effects, even when they accomplish the specific task that they initially advertised.  For example, a product tailored to get rid of blemishes can also end up over-drying your skin as a side effect.

This is likely why multifunctional skin care products have risen so high in popularity in these past years.  A moisturizer that also has a colour correction element (like a blemish balm); a moisturizer that doubles as a sunscreen, or a cover-up that doubles as primer – all of these types of products are used by many people who want the added convenience and value they bring.  When it comes down to it, which would better serve you?  Here are some reasons to consider multifunctional skin care products.


When it comes to your cosmetics, leaving some on before you go to bed, for example, can be disastrous for your skin.  Many cosmetics can cause damage when left on your face for too long, but there are also many that are designed to both look great and be beneficial to your skin’s health in the long run.  Investing in a corrector or foundation that does not dry up your skin or clog your pores can be one of the best decisions you make – however, sometimes for that flawless look, you need to invest in some products that cater specifically to the look you are going for.  Just keep in mind: is that look worth compromising the health of your skin in the long run?

Multifunctional skin care is one of the great innovations of our time, saving you money, time, and the health of your skin.  Tailored products are excellent for fixing that one problem the other products can’t seem to, but in terms of value and convenience, it is often a good idea to stick to what can do the most for you with as minimal effort and stress as possible.



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