Lazy Skin: What is it and How You Can Prevent it

Posted on Fri, 30 Mar 2018 in: General 0

You probably constantly read articles about the importance of good skincare and daily moisturizing, but what is only recently becoming public knowledge is that using the wrong kinds of moisturizers can cause your skin to get lazy.

It might sound odd – skin getting 'lazy' – but after recent studies, skincare professionals are starting to talk about this phenomenon. The idea of 'lazy skin' is that if we routinely use products that do all of the hard work for us, like thick moisturizers, pore-clogging oils (i.e. pure coconut, olive oil, etc.) or creams, our skin will become dependent on those products and will stop creating its own healthy oils.

 When you are shopping for skincare products, your first thought is to find yourself a miracle product that does it all, but in reality, you need to find a product that can provide your skin with the tools it needs to work hard on its own – like antioxidants, minerals, peptides, amino acids, omega fatty acids, and vitamins. By giving your skin everything it needs on a silver platter, you are enabling it to stop working for itself and allowing it to become complacent.

 Professionals have proven that in most cases, our epidermis is capable of creating its own moisture and is built to maintain its own hydration levels. In some cases, there is going to be oily or dry skin but these can be targeted without completely taking over your skin's natural production. A common misconception in the skincare industry is that if your skin appears dry or tight, then it needs more moisture, when that really isn't the case. Covering it with thick creams can actually make those conditions worse.


Some of the more noticeable signs of lazy-skin syndrome include: Tightness, dryness, dullness, congestion, acne-prone, and just slow cell renewal. Additionally, dead skin cells create a layer of tiny blockers that stop your skin from reflecting light. This makes the skin look lackluster and unhealthy.

 Dermatologists recommend avoiding heavy creams or super oily, comedogenic formulations. The heavier the formula is, the more it will suffocate your pores. Instead, products with the right ingredients will be beneficial. Lucky for you, Bella Aura is known for its balanced emulsion formula: The perfect mix of a cream and a serum. Our lightweight, non-clogging formula is packed full of vitamins and natural botanical ingredients that will help boost your skin's productivity and jumpstart your lazy epidermis.



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