Ingredient Spotlight - Black Oats

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Ingredient Spotlight: Black Oats in Skincare

Black Oats are a key ingredient in our line. You may think of the benefits of having them for breakfast but they are far more reaching than that. The properties of Black Oats have many benefits in skincare.

1. Black Oats contain lipids and proteins which have humectant and emollient properties that help to moisturize the skin keeping it soft and supple. Botanically, Black Oats are known as Avena strigosa. They have water-retaining substances, polysaccharides and amino acids that support the skin’s own natural moisturizing process. Polysaccharides provide a barrier to seal in moisture and increase filaggrin, which in integral to the skin’s barrier function. These properties help to support the skin to retain it’s natural moisture.

2. Black Oats contain antioxidant properties making them extremely anti-aging. UV rays, pollution and other environmental stressors take a toll on our skin. This ingredient helps in the process of reversing that damage.

3. Black Oats are known for helping with more sensitive skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Due to the hydration factor, as well as containing zinc, they are extremely healing and anti-inflammatory. Zinc kills acne causing bacteria. 

4. Black Oats contain saponins which make them a gentle cleanser for more sensitive skin. Saponins absorb dirt and oil from the surface of the skin making it easier to remove by just rinsing away with water.

5. Black Oats contain Aventhramides which are the main active that helps with inflammation of the skin or UV damage as mentioned above. Oats are also a gentle exfoliator to remove those dead skin cells and refresh the skin. It can lighten and brighten the skin naturally.

There are many benefits to Black Oats both inside and out. Our skin needs hydration in varying forms depending on the season and it needs to be supported due to environmental factors. When combined with other ingredients it can become a powerhouse for our skin.

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