How the Holidays Can Wreck Havoc on Your Skin: Tips to Keep Your Glow

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How the Holidays Can Wreck Havoc on Your Skin: Tips to Keep Your Glow

The holidays are a wonderful time to create fun memories with family and friends, but this festive season can also wreck havoc on your complexion... from the indulgent dinners, late night parties, and stress from trying to balance everything. Below are ways this season can negative impact your skin and our tips to keep your skin glowing and healthy:

1) Lack of sleep

Between party hosting, company holiday parties, and late nights out with friends and/or family, getting a good full night's rest comes rare during this holiday season. However, beauty sleep is essential! Your skin repairs and renews overnight while you sleep.

Solution: Lack of sleep comes with dark circles and puffy eyes the next morning. Applying our Instant Lifting Eye Contour can help diminish the appearance of the puffiness and dark circles, brighten the eye area, and make you look like you had a good night's rest. We recommend doing a microcirculation eye contour tapping as shown in this video. This technique circulates more blood and oxygen to your eye contour - repairing damage and building necessary cells, enhancing blood flow, boosting elasticity, and giving your eye contour an illuminated look.

2) Late nights out

Late nights out can cause people to forget to wash off their makeup before bed. This can then cause breakouts and congestion (and pillow stains).

Solution: Washing off makeup before bed is so crucial. Your skin needs to breathe throughout the night, and makeup can clog pores if you leave it on through the night. Our Gentle Purifying Cleanser purifies the skin and effectively lifts off makeup and debris.

3) Stress

The holiday season is a busy time for everyone. You're busy shopping for loved ones, prepping for holiday parties, hosting parties, all the while trying to balance your work and social life. The side effects of stress is endless, including breakouts, eczema, excess oil, and other troubling skin conditions.

Solution: Don't forget to slow down and breathe! Also, did you know that you can turn the Bella Aura emulsions into a mask? To boost your glow and skin elasticity – 1-2 times a week or before a special event – dose 1 pump of Instant Lifting Eye Contour, 2 pumps of Antioxidant Booster, 2 pumps of Daily Repair Moisturizer, and 2 pumps of the Night Cellular Renewal. Make into an emulsion formula on the palm of clean hands and apply to the face like if you were to do the 'go with the flow' microcirculation facial. Leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse well.



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