How Stress Relief Leads To Better Skin  

Posted on Mon, 20 Jun 2016 in: General 0

Between work deadlines, obligations to friends and family, and financial responsibilities, life can become overwhelming sometimes. These various pressures can cause anxiety and stress, and stress can lead to unhealthy skin.


When you’re feeling stressed out, your body releases an excessive amount of cortisol, an important hormone that breaks down collagen and can leave your skin aged and dry. Relax and keep your skin healthy and glowing with these simple stress-relievers.


Taking a leisurely walk or hike is a great way to relieve stress. A light workout can clear your head without making you feel physically exhausted. Take a walk through a natural environment or, if you’re in a city, a stroll through your local park. Being around the natural world can help calm you down, and the improved air quality in this setting can help to regulate your breathing. Even taking a short 10 minute walk each day will drastically improve the feeling and appearance of your skin.


Meditation is an opportunity for you to shut your brain down and escape from all the distractions of your day-to-day life, even if it’s only for a few moments. Improve your emotional clarity and mental health by taking some time each day by yourself to meditate in a quiet space. Meditation helps you to live in the present moment, which reduces your worries and anxiety. Cortisol levels have been proven to drop by as much as 20% after four months of regular meditation. Take care of yourself spiritually while improving your skin with a daily meditation routine.

Managing stress and anxiety can be a difficult task. If left unchecked, stress can have disastrous effects on your emotional and mental state, as well as your skin. Meditation, light exercise, and reconnecting with nature are all great ways to restore inner harmony and promote healthier looking skin.

With these tips and the right natural skin care products, you’ll be on the path to being the most beautiful you, inside and out. 



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