Highlighting Toronto's Pure + Simple Spa and Boutique

Posted on Wed, 10 Jan 2018 in: General 0

Here at Bella Aura, we like to feature those who bring light to the natural beauty and skincare community. Today, we want to talk about the founder of Pure + Simple Spas, Jean Eng. Pure + Simple is an all natural skincare and wellness spa and boutique in Canada that focuses on finding holistic solutions for all unique skin types and skin concerns. Pure + Simple also has many amazing sustainable values.

“Pure + Simple was founded because I could not find a place that would help me look as good as my professional peers without the mass market prestige skincare & makeup.” – Jean Eng

After a 5-year struggle with enlarged pores, cystic acne, puffy redness and dehydrated skin, Jean knew there had to be another alternative to the various harsh ointments and medications she had been prescribed by dermatologists. From there, she turned to highly skilled estheticians, but she couldn’t handle the strong chemicals they used, and in result, dealt with serious irritation and allergic reactions.

From this experience, Jean moved forward into learning about esthetics; and in 2000, she started Pure + Simple to help people with similar experiences as herself. While the business has grown substantially since then – with now 7 locations, plenty of staff, a host of new products and services – the core values of natural safe skincare, sustainable business practices and Ayurveda as a means to treat each client as an individual as well as to get to the root of any skin condition has never changed.

We are so thrilled to be a part of Pure + Simple spas because we share the same values and have had similar experiences with our skincare journeys. We are proud to have our products sold and used by such a sustainable business that holds their professionalism and expertise in the highest regard, and we truly appreciate everything they have done for the natural skincare community, both worldwide and in the GTA.



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