Cleanse Your Aura This Spring

Posted on Mon, 25 Apr 2016 0

A new season is here! And with the arrival of spring comes the arrival of spring cleaning – but don’t let your home get all the love and care.  You and your body could greatly benefit from a cleansing any time of year, but spring is a great opportunity for rebirth, starting anew, and pulling plenty of healthy fresh energy from the universe. 

There can be a lot of pent up toxic energy left over from the stress and the darkness of winter.  Though a lot of it can be released, it is only truly gone after your aura gets a good cleansing.  Here are a few ways to get rid of that negative energy.

The Cleansing Breath Technique

Find a calm, quiet place in your home.  Get comfortable in a position you can relax in for roughly 15 minutes and take that time to so some deep breathing de-stressing exercises.  Be present and conscious of how you are breathing and how you move with each inhale and exhale. 

When you have begun to relax, picture a white light in your mind and let it grow to surround you.  Let it flow through you, from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet, and visualize it flowing up and down your spine.  If you get distracted, bring yourself back in focus with some more deep breathing

Cleansing your aura has a significant effect on the rest of your body’s health, and it shows in your temperament and the quality of your skin.  An uncleansed aura can lead to stress, blemishes, and a dull quality to your skin – keeping your aura light and clear will bring out the natural luminescence in your skin and generally help keep your life brighter. 

A healthy lifestyle goes a long way in keeping both your life and your skin bright and happy. The right skin care products can also contribute significantly to this goal, however.  For best results, make sure you are using quality skin care products that combine traditional, time-tested knowledge with scientifically proven techniques.



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