Being Generous Increases Your Skin and Body’s Natural Well-Being

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Being Generous Increases Your Skin and Body’s Natural Well-Being

Fostering generosity toward yourself and others in your life can have amazing benefits that will have an effect on your skin and body’s natural well-being. Think about it like this: the happier you are, the more satisfied you will feel in your life. This can actually reflect greatly in your physical appearance.

The Role of Endorphins

What exactly are endorphins? Endorphins are chemicals created in the body that are released in response to various stimuli. They regulate the human body’s hormonal disposition, can help with psychological as well as physical pain relief, induce feelings of pleasure, reward, and good and loving feelings toward others. There are about 20 different kinds of endorphins that a human can produce – the chemicals oxytocin and dopamine are some examples.

The protective nature of endorphins completely relates back to our skin’s well-being and the role of generosity in our lives. In a 2007 study, a team reported that oxytocin increased generosity by 80% compared to a placebo group – showing that endorphins truly make a difference in our actions and well-being.

Emotions and Skin

The emerging field of psychodermatology takes this idea and looks at the psychological and emotional effects of endorphins on the skin.

According to Harvard professor and clinical psychologist Dr. Ted Grossbart, emotional issues (which can cause endorphin levels to fall), not only worsen skin conditions but they also prevent treatment from being effective.

“Maybe your acne is 50 percent owing to hereditary factors, 30 percent owing to lifestyle and only 20 percent a result of psychological factors. But if you tackle the emotional stuff, you might push the balance back in favour of health,” Grossbart said.

There are so many ways to increase endorphins in your life. Emotionally rich activities like listening to music to giving back to your local community can make a significant impact on your skin and body. Something as simple as working at your local food shelter can benefit your physical make up just purely through the rush of endorphins!

Improving your mental state is a good start to maintaining healthy skin. To supplement your skin care maintenance needs, make sure you use naturally formulated skin care products that are free of toxins – and keep your skin glowing!





















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