Ancient Skin Care Techniques Still in Use Today

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Some popular methods for skin care have been around for hundreds – if not thousands - of years.  Often times the older a method is, the more tired and true it is. It’s also more likely to be a natural and organic method that is healthy for your skin.  Skincare techniques from ancient times predate harmful chemicals that can dry or damage your skin over time. 

Long before we had the modern compounds of today, women in ancient China, were able to achieve flawless porcelain skin even without modern methods.  Ancient Egyptian people protected their skin from sun damage long before sunscreen and moisturizers with sun protection factors.  Here are some of the ways some people from all over the world were thought to have gone about caring for their skin - ways we still use today. 

Ancient Greece

In a large portion of Ancient Greece, the olive tree and its by-products were a huge part of the economy, religion, and daily life.  Olive oil has multiple beauty benefits for both skin and hair, moisturizing and protecting both.  Extracts from olive leaves are also very beneficial to the skin, preventing aging and fine line wrinkles.  In addition to acting as sun protection, the ancient people of Greece also used it to encourage a clear complexion, in addition to combining it with honey to make an excellent facial mask.

Many high quality products today use olive products in their lines of skin care – it is a sought-after natural ingredient and effective alternative to harsh chemicals.

Ancient Egypt

Egypt has a very warm climate and, for the most part, can get very dry in some parts of the country – it was likely a very similar situation long ago.  Egyptians had to be mindful of the dry climate on their skin and treat it as effectively as they could.  Practices used by many ancient Egyptian people included a mixture of butter and barley flour to condition and soothe skin irritated by the sun or by the dry climate.  In addition to that mixture, apple cider vinegar, scrubs made of salt from the Dead Sea, and baths of milk and honey were implemented as anti-aging techniques by those who could afford them. Specifically, almond and argan oils were used to assist in keeping skin young and radiant for years and years.

When a beauty technique is effective, and is both natural and healthy, people will tend to stick with it.  Modern science has added to this knowledge and proven the effectiveness of many ancient products and techniques. Things like olive leaf extract, barley, and argan oil were used centuries ago in many different places around the globe, but most notably they are also used today in high end skin care products - and with great effect.



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