Find out what Beauty Experts are saying about Bella Aura Skincare.

Jane Lim - Cosmetic Proof, June 22, 2016

"...a fellow blogger complimented me twice on my skin up close which makes me go "Okay, this stuff is GOOD stuff"."

Cat Forsley - My Lipstic Addiciton, August 5, 2016

"My Thoughts Immediately – Wow Wow Wow – Lightweight gorgeousness that sinks right in."

Chantal Seguin  - Opal Frame September 6, 2016

"I am absolutely SO impressed with the effectiveness of this line of skincare, and I cannot stress enough how I think everyone needs to hear about and try these products."

Jane Daly - Daily Beauty, Feb 20, 2016

"The Bella Aura line has everything one could want in a luxury natural skincare line, right from the ingredients, effectiveness, the touch feel and smell of the line. Everything feels top of the line, and the proof is in the glowing skin Bella Aura leaves behind." (click on the link for the full review)

Erica Davis Diary of a Trendaholic, Feb. 16, 2016

"I want to take a moment to describe the lush, velvety texture of these incredible concoctions because they are quite unique and innovative." (click on the link for the full review)

Tracy Szram - Beauty Reflections, Mar. 8, 2016

"I've enjoyed using the Bella Aura Skincare line these past weeks! If I had to pick, my faves are the Cleanser and the Lifting Eye Contour. But I do love everything! All the products are very moisturizing, so I do think that drier skin types would benefit the most from them. Every product feels so luxurious, and smells incredible." (click on the link for the full review)

Jasmine Vargas - Classy Sassy & A Bit Smartassy, Mar 9, 2016

"My opinion on the products – I can honestly say that after using these products I have seen improvement on my skin. My face isn’t as oily as it use to be. My skin feels so much smoother and healthier."

Eleni Kyri - Bijuleni, Mar. 9, 2016

"Having used the Bella Aura line, as a girl that has extreme sensitive skin, the verdict is in. I love the whole line. From the natural ingredients, to the heavenly scent to the effectiveness of the products, I would definitely recommend you to try out some of the Bella Aura products"

Shireen Platt - Reflections of Sanity - May 6, 2016

"The past month has seen my skin go from slightly dull to healthy, glowing, radiant and normal which is a word that I never ever thought I would use to describe my skin."

Loren Green - April 6, 2016

"within the first few days of using Bella Aura, my skin started to glow"

Emily Smith - the best of this life - April 8, 2016

"What I was surprised to find while using the Bella Aura skin care line for the last 3-4 weeks is how much I liked all of the products.  More than that, I liked that they delivered"

Barbara Aleks - - April 18, 2016

"In fact, after using all 5 products for a few weeks, my skin is the most balanced it’s ever been. No dry spots and no oily spots. My skin is super soft to the touch and looks years younger than it did a few weeks ago."

Sicilianna Beauty - Lashes and Lipstick - March 31,2016

"Once I started using this line, I have noticed a difference in my skin. It’s less red and I haven’t had any breakouts."

Cecilia - Happy China Doll - April 4, 2016

"These past few weeks, I enjoyed using Bella Aura Skincare collection.  I love how my skin feels each day and I bet you will also like it too!  It is also the perfect Birthday or a Mother's Day gift idea."

Amber Desilets - Canadian Fashionista, Mar 22, 2016

"I love that each product is pure and simple and the entire lineup only contains 5 products. I can’t tell you how overwhelming it is, trying to decide which products you need out of a lineup of 30 and then in which order to apply all of them."

Natalie Jerebic - Natalie Loves Beauty, Mar 14, 2016

"The Bella Aura line has been so pleasant to use - not only are the products absolutely refreshing with their very unique scents, but I have not dealt with any dryness, which I tend to get on my cheeks due to acne scars, since switching up my routine."

Krystal - Uh oh mom - April 8, 2016

"If your searching for a new skin care line that is natural this one is worth checking out. My top two favorite products from this skin care line is the Instant Lifting Eye Contour & The Antioxidant Booster. All 5 of these products work well together and I do recommend them."

Kerri Fortune - Hey Kerri blog, Mar 7, 2016

"Bella Aura is a luxurious line of all natural skincare products that have transformed my skin for the better! Mixing natural ingredients and advanced natural active extracts, these products are a treat to your skin" (click on the link for the full review)