The World of Bella Aura

An aura is a field subtle, luminous energy that surrounds and maps the thought and feelings of a person or object.

Bella Aura means beautiful aura, your own reflective image that represents both inner and outer beauty, the deep glow from within that illuminates your complexion.

It is said that all living things manifest an aura and connotes a person’s particular power. Several authors associate certain personality traits with the different layers of the aura’s colours.

At Bella Aura Skincare we take the concept of a person’s aura one step further by producing remarkable products that help define the inner beauty of each person.

Each of our products has a different colour logo, which represents the characteristics of the product as it relates to the aura colours.

Our Antioxidant Booster logo is orange.  This colour symbolizes a burst of energy and creativity. It projects a radiant glow.

Our Daily Repair Moisturizer logo is green.  This colour communicates renewal. Green projects healing, rejuvenation and a sense of nature.

Our Gentle Purifying Cleanser logo is blue.  This colour symbolizes calmness. Blue projects tranquility and inner peace.

Our Instant Eye Lifting Contour logo is indigo.  This colour represents our spirituality and intuition.  Indigo projects a heightened sense of awareness.

Our Night Cellular Renewal logo is pink.  This colour evokes compassion, beauty and love. It projects warmth and passion .

Beautiful skin is the reflection of a person’s aura.

About Bella Aura Skincare

Bella Aura is The latest, cleanest, luxurious skincare Trend. We are innovative science, we are simple ,we are intelligent, we are forward thinkers and we are energy. Our goal is to create a simple yet complete skincare line that make you feel beautiful from the inside out so your inner beauty shines through.
Bella Aura Skincare works with technology specialists in leading laboratories around the world to deliver only the highest quality products. Our commitment is to provide our clients with an honest beauty that stems from our ancient concepts of using the simplest, purest, and safest ingredients in developing our remarkably effective formulas.
Bella Aura Skincare partners with local Moroccan suppliers who share our vision, values and comply with our high-quality standards of producing 100% natural, organic products.  Our native producers are committed to developing their orchards according to the same principles that are at the core of our beliefs.  The teams of experts in Morocco help us to maintain the integrity of our products by overseeing the production operation and offering beauty solutions for our oils and well-being of our customers.
The environment plays a significant role in our daily lives and the surroundings that we live in have a profound effect on our body and soul.  Due to the increase in worldwide pollution, the air we breathe, the additives in the food we eat and chemicals in the water we drink, these pollutants have caused our body to be depleted of its own natural defence mechanisms.  That is why we believe that the product we use on our skin should have a generous amount of antioxidants to counteract these negative environmental affects.
Proudly Made in Canada