Social responsibility is a core value of Bella Aura, and we want to give back to society. 

Bella Aura is partnered with several charitable organizations, featuring a different charity periodically. We donate a specific percentage from our online product sales to the featured charity at the end of each month. We also promote the charities on our website and in our social media profiles to further assist in raising awareness for these worthy causes.

Social responsibility doesn’t end with dollars. Every employee of Bella Aura Skincare shares similar values and commits to volunteering their time for worthy causes.

The Moroccan plant extracts sourced by Bella Aura Skincare provide employment to impoverished families in Morocco. Co-operatives have been established to cultivate the botanical ingredients used in our products. This empowers Moroccan women to earn an income which helps support their own families.  While it’s a start, low wages and long hours still persist in the agriculture industry. Bella Aura participates in additional programs to improve the lives of the Moroccan families in need, including the sponsoring of children’s education and donating food and clothing.

Below image showing Bella Aura's founder Yasmine Jones with Argan co-operative worker in Eassaouira, Morocco, June 2015